"Linkscape Levels The Internet Marketing Playing Field"

Linkscape Levels The Internet Marketing Playing Field

SEOmoz used the stage set by day one of SMX East to announce two huge developments for internet marketers. Both developments will make assembling quality data easier for internet marketers. How you use the information you are given is 100% up to you.

SEOmoz Indexes The Web
Sorry, Mr. Gore… you could only hold them off for so long. SEOmoz discovered tons of cool information while indexing the web. Here are some of my favorites:

  • 42% of all links are external (pointing off a webpage to another site)
  • Under 2% of all links are “nofollow” (still around 2 billion links, however)
  • The average webpage has 32 links pointing to it (both internal and external)

SEOmoz Releases Linkscape
Twelve months in the making, Linkscape provides “unparalleled link intelligence” to the internet marketing community. With Linkscape (and an SEOmoz PRO membership), a website and data on 30 BILLION other webpages can be analyzed to determine:

  • mozRank (aka link popularity)
  • mozTrust (trust level of a site to the eyes of a search engine)
  • Full Lists of Links (ranked by importance)
  • Anchor Text (a ranked and complete list of link text that points to a site)
  • Domain Juice (an estimate of link popularity of all webpages inside a site)

Most of those tools can only be utilized by PRO members. The free version of Linkscape provides a snapshot of mozRank, mozTrust, external links to a URL and Google PageRank. The best data is clearly available to PRO members only.

For a more detailed explanation of Linkscape, check out SEOmoz’s Linkscape comic.

How does Linkscape help internet marketers?
It provides link building transparency between competitors. Search engines are very protective of the data they hold, and SEOmoz is out to get that information in front of all internet marketers.

The large number of pages SEOmoz has indexed and analyzed allows internet marketers to establish a side-by-side comparison of link building efforts for up to 5 websites. When trying to establish benchmarks for a link building campaign, this type of information is invaluable.

Anything Else?

Oh yeah… SEOmoz also unleashed a fresh new design on its users and new features for PRO membership. While we all appreciate this, Linkscape and the index were definitely the coolest developments of the day.

ProspectMX’s Dave Conklin and David Brown will be in attendance at SMX East this week. They both wear glasses and have brown, gelled hair. You can probably tell from my dome in my avatar that I am jealous of their hip, styled look.

If you run into them, shake their hand or give ’em a high five. Tell ’em Bentz sent you.

- By Jonathan Bentz, Link Architect

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