On-Page Optimization

There are many elements that attribute to a perfectly optimized page. It isn’t until the web of marketing and SEO efforts are completed that a page comes to life.


Here at ProspectMX our on-page optimization process starts from the core with internal site structure analysis. From there we work to optimize the content that’s driven by these variables:


  • Crawler Accessibility, XML Sitemaps
  • Meta Data & Schema Markup
  • Title Tags & Rich Snippets
  • Device Responsiveness
  • Convenient Site Navigation


The direction of a website is ultimately determined by the product or service offering. We’re here to look at those elements and identify opportunities through:


  • Classifying the Searchers Intent
  • Pinpointing Missed Keyword Opportunities
  • Spotting Irrelevant Data
  • Creating Congruency Between Existing Content 
  • Encouraging Keyword Frequency Through Natural Means


As these steps are completed, pages are styled and emphasized to guide the user through the desired path, creating the ultimate user experience.

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