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Our Attempt to Get A Radio Station To Come To Our Office

Update! June 2, 2008

The guys from The Peoples Morning Show have decided to come and see us! Whoo Hoo! We’ll update you after Wednesday.



So my favorite morning drive radio show, The Peoples Morning Show, on 105.7 The X is looking for a business to visit with next Wednesday. They’re brining lunch and doing a 30 minute comedy deal…

We want them to come to our place, so we decided to put this together… I have to apologize to the tech team because we ran out of hard drive space and couldn’t get them in here… so Ashley, Chad, Alex and Zim… I apologize…

Here’s the video.

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  1. Please pick us! We all love the show!

  2. Mary Dooley-Smith Says:

    I know I’m a little biased because I work here but we are an awesome office! Pick us, pick us!! You’ll have tons of fun!!

  3. Hey! What about the tech department?!!? Ive had the HOO MAN on my desktop all day… im semi-disturbed… wait… that would describe Nipsey…

  4. tech doesn’t like people seeing us anyway

  5. What the heck guys…this could have been 10 times better with 4 little words: Ash, Zim, Chad and Alex.

    You jerks.

    I suppose this MIGHT just be a fun place to work…let’s see, I spent the morning watching Zim play Quake and GTA: San Andreas and surfing the X’s site. Not a bad Friday so far…

    Come out and visit ya’ll, you’ll have a blast!

  6. I’ll sing the old “Nipsy Rocks!” song karaoke (even though it is a bit, hmm… gay) if The X comes to the office. I will also say many, many mean things about Nixon. Why wouldn’t the X pick ProspectMX?

  7. Truthfully, I never heard of Nipsie, Earl, & Jen (out of the targeted age group (like Captain) but hey, love to meet you crazy wackos (like they say, takes one, to know one!!)
    Pick us - we’re a fun bunch - talented, too! Don’t you think?!

  8. Jodi Conklin Says:

    Just watching this video makes me wish I worked there! Well, not really but, hey….can I come and hang out next Wednesday? (only if The X is there!!)

  9. […] the halls video taping it all! It should be pretty interesting to see if they come up… after watching the vid, I don’t know how they couldn’t! Tags: blog, […]

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