Commonly Asked Questions

Have questions about internet marketing? We have the answers.

Why is your internet marketing agency useful to my company?

Can’t figure out why a local competitor is ranking higher than you? Are you feeling the pressure to take the next step with digital marketing? Let us help. As an internet marketing agency we act as an extension, bringing to life everyone else’s demands and more importantly, your vision. We’re here to introduce your thoughts to the digital space.


Will my site redesign affect pre-existing SEO work?

Not if the existing SEO framework is supported. We generally find that it’s easiest to work directly with the development team during a redesign process to ensure the current SEO efforts transfer over smoothly.


What online marketing terms should I be familiar with?


Visual Assets are a way to graphically explain a process or product through more simple and aesthetically pleasing way whether it be a viral blog post, an infographic, or a video.


Traffic consists of three primary sources: direct, organic, and referral. The first measures those who go directly to your site from a browsers search bar. The second is simply generated through match phrases, if they go to your site from their search engine results page (SERP) than you’re now certified organic. Lastly, referral traffic consists of external sites, emails, or social channels that provide a way for users to find your website.


Relationship building is inspired by traditional marketing and PR, each branded content piece is given life through on-going outreach to industry innovators, influencers, and leaders.


Title Tags & Meta Descriptions (TTMD’s) are rich snippets of text designed for both SEO purposes and user experience relates the pre-determined page topic to each party. Thus, making your pages “visible.”


PowerPages require the perfect balance of art and science, each page of content is guided by research relative to the subject matter and perfected with our expertise. The success of our PowerPage efforts can be attributed to our talented staff and proprietary content software. 


How do I know what social channel best suits my industry?

Truth is, most industries usually have one social platform that performs better than the others. Performance is measured through KPI’s that are determined by the client. If LinkedIn generates the most leads but engagement metrics are highest on Facebook, is one better than the other?


If I sign up for SEO do I have to have a PPC campaign?

No, in fact we have some clients who only explore one side of the campaign. If organic traffic is paying the bills than PPC might not be necessary. If you’re finding that your site is optimized, your target audience is M.I.A., and you still can’t land a lead, then extending your product offering through a PPC campaign might be in your best interest.

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