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Social Media Marketing

Engagement with your audience and your potential audience on social media is one of the key components to successful marketing campaigns. It’s part of the targeted outreach we do for content, it’s part of the SEO we do for you link profile, it’s part of the community building we do for you business, it’s part of your local and national brand presence.

Social Media isn’t just for some niches…it’s for all industries and it’s a huge signal to your authority within your industry. What we do well at ProspectMX is align all of your assets, including social media, to create the most impactful strategy for every campaign launch. Knowing the “Who”, “What” and the “When” is crucial to your marketing, especially your Internet Marketing.

The Big One's

Those Facebook "Likes", Twitter "Retweets" and "Follows, Linkedin "Connections" and Google "+1's" aren't going to get themselves. Especially if creation and optimization aren't part of your campaign!

The Schedule

Your day-to-day is crazy! You don't have time to research and "Google" every relevant article to tweet consistently every day of the week! That's where ProspectMX comes in to help guide you through planning and strategy.

The "What’s Going On?"

After we dig into all things 'YOU' on the web, we're going to have some categories to help us focus on markets that your clientele reside in. Then we're going to put our social media tools to work for you. We'll keep you up to date on what's going on and who the influencers are in your industry.
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