It is true…..Ken just broke up with Barbie using Twitter. I could not believe my ears when my 6 year old daughters latest Barbie DVD was playing in our car during our last family road trip and those exact social media and more technical phrases were being referenced as common place.

Uncommonly, I began to pay extra attention to the dialogue that was taking place and the references of Twitter, email, texting and Facebook kept repeating themselves throughout the story line. I can only imagine what it must be like to actually watch these activities take place on the screen.

We are losing the art of conversation and I am just as guilty of this crime. What is worse our kids are going to completely be conversing via technology and losing site of traditional methods. How can we help keep the art of conversation alive and well, especially with ouryouth?

One good thing from the Barbie video is that one of the characters spoke and stated “you don’t break up with someone using Twitter….that is wrong!” Perhaps this a step in the right direction.

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