It’s very important to understand how the design of your website effects how a user interacts with it. There is a very specific zone that researchers have confirmed to be the most important part of your website’s design, the “F” Zone (or the “F-shaped pattern“). This is the pattern that your site visitors will use to scan your website on their maiden visit.

What Is The F-Shaped Pattern?

When a user first lands on your site, they first glance at the header, the top of the “F”. They then scan down the left side of the website which is the vertical foundation of the “F”, and finally they then scan right below the header finishing the final piece of the “F”.

Research shows that these areas of your site should contain the most important details about your business, and also contain easy contact, or call to action, methods. The more prominence this information is given within the confines of the F-shaped pattern, the more likely your site visitors are to engage you.

Take a look at your existing website with the “F” zone factor in mind. If after performing this test, you don’t feel like your “F” zone is offering the right information, it may be time to consider redesigning your website.

Just remember, if it is that time, make sure to use the “F” zone to your advantage.

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