There are so many different forms of marketing that don’t really make sense. For years, companies have spent countless dollars on marketing vehicles like magazines, television commercials, billboards and more without having an understanding of what the exact results would be.

There is no longer a need to do that.Customized Lead Generation The guys at ProspectMX have figured out a way to guarantee you results for your marketing dollars. Just imagine what it would be like if you could go to your advertising agency and tell them that you weren’t going to pay them if they didn’t produce you results.

As experts in search engine marketing and online at lead generation, we are able to figure out exactly how consumers who are interested in your products will respond to certain advertisements and offers they are presented with over the Internet.

Imagine for a second that you sell golf balls. It would probably be true that you wouldn’t want to market your golf balls to people who don’t golf. The customized lead generation pages that we create for your company would specifically target an audience who golfs. Not only would the page target that audience, but so would the marketing campaign that we put together. We can create marketing campaigns that not only specifically target an audience in terms of interests but also an audience in terms of geography. What we have created is truly unique and powerful and will do wonders for your businesses bottom line.

How It All Works

The first, and most important thing that we can do is to have a phone consultation where we will go over your current marketing systems. It is important that we understand exactly what your current ROI is in your different marketing programs. If you’re currently not measuring those bottom lines, we can consult you on ways to do so. Without proper measurements, it’s impossible to understand how beneficial the results are.

Once we understand your current marketing systems, we will be able to begin identifying your target customer. Understanding things like what terms your target customer might search for on the Internet, their age, sex and other factors will help us to put together an incredible test campaign. This test campaign is what defines the cost per lead, retainer fees and other aspects of your customized lead generation program.

The next, and most exciting, part of this entire process is the test campaign. This is where we find out exactly how consumers in your industry respond to the offers that we present to them on the Internet. Before we ever do any of this testing, we sit down with our team and analyze what offers your customers may or may not be interested in. We also do research that tells us what terms are popular on the internet. Then we create specific advertisements for each of those offers and keywords. This is a long process where we do a lot of thinking about your target customer. There is a nonrefundable $500-$1000 fee for the testing phase. In some rare cases it may actually be more, but you will know this before we do the campaign.

Finally, we will present you with an agreement. This agreement will outline three basic things:

  1. The total cost per lead.
  2. The number of leads that we can create in a given amount of time.
  3. The retainer required to get the campaign started.

Once we have agreed upon the terms we will begin your campaign, we will continue to deliver leads to you until your retainer runs out. When it does, you’ll have the choice to give us more of a retainer or to stop the campaign altogether. In most cases, we do not do long-term contracts. However, we will provide you with a discount if you do so.

To get involved with our exciting customized lead generation solutions. All you have to do is give us a call at 717-431-0505 or send us a text message using the box to the right.

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