United Way Facebook Challenge

The Challenge is Out. Will You Accept?

At ProspectMX we know firsthand the value that social media can play on a business. In our own backyard, the United Way of Lancaster County is currently looking to expand their Facebook Fan base to 1,000 followers by 1/1/11. Therefore, in efforts to help the local community, we have agreed to put up $1,000 when United Way of Lancaster County reaches their goal by the New Year. The purpose of this challenge is to keep Lancaster County informed and engaged on health & human service issues throughout the county.

What do we ask of you? Simply visit United Way of Lancaster County Facebook Page at UWLanc and click the “Like” button to the right of their name. On the page, you will find photos, videos, articles, event listings and a deeper look at the work of United Way and their partners. Feel free to write on their wall, ask questions and even post pictures of how you are living united every day. This page is maintained by their staff but it is created for you!

For additional information, visit UW eNews: Facebook Challenge here.

Thank you for joining hands with us and keeping the LIVE UNITED movement going strong through 2011!