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Internet/Website Designer Job


Years ago when I was looking for a design/artist job, I typed ‘artist’ into a job search engine and the only result was for a ‘sandwich artist’ at subway. So…assuming you don’t feel like asking people what kind of cheese they want on their hoagie, we may have a job for you!

ProspectMX is a Lancaster internet marketing company. Does this describe you…

You like to design webpages? You like to code them in html and CSS? You’re familiar with WordPress? You have a passion for Flash and actionscript? Then apply already!

What you should send…

Resumes are good and all, and we definitely want to see them, but please send as many work examples as you can. Sites, flash, video, drawings, macaroni pictures. The more the merrier.

Click here to apply…

…and if you’re this guy or gal….you’re hired!


Sharing Internet Marketing Mastery With Lancaster County


Whether or not everyone understands how it works, internet marketing produces results for its adopters. Its hard to argue against fully utilizing a medium when 80% of your target market uses it for initial research, right?

Dave Conklin | Internet Marketing Purple CowTo help share our knowledge with everyone interested in doing Lancaster internet marketing, Dave Conklin of ProspectMX is taking his wealth of internet marketing know-how on the road and passing along “secrets of success” to local business owners.

In a combined effort with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ProspectMX will be hosting a two-day web marketing workshop October 28 and 29 from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The two part workshop is divided into five categories, all of which ProspectMX utilizes to develop its custom internet marketing campaigns:

  • Custom Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Systems Tracking
  • Lead Generation Follow Up
  • Customer Loyalty Building

Get tips on how to write internet copy that sells, analyze competitors websites, and how to use FREE web tracking systems.

Unsure if the two-day internet marketing workshop is for you? Meet Dave and learn how the internet can help you create an innovative marketing strategy with a preview of the two-day workshop Thursday, October 16 from 1:30 - 2:45 p.m.

Early bird registration for the preview is $60 for non-chamber members, but attendees of the preview receive a $30 credit towards workshop registration. Day of registration for non-chamber members is $65.

Non-member pricing for the two-day workshop is $995. Discounts apply for the preview and workshop for Lancaster County Chamber members.So get out of the office, learn something new, and become a MASTER of internet marketing.

To register or for more information on the workshop and the preview session, contact Angi Fritz at by phone at 717.397.3531 ext. 172 or e-mail [email protected]


PHP Developer Job

We are looking for several experienced PHP web developers for three full time positions at our Lancaster internet marketing office. We don’t care what’s on your resume, we care more about your abilities and potential. Send us some examples of work that you have done. Impress us with your personal website or any work you’ve done on your own.

Don’t bother to contact us if you…
php logo

  • Want to be out the door at 5PM everyday
  • Have issues with code reviews
  • Are not familiar with writing database queries
  • Feel sad when a piece of code you wrote is tossed in the can
  • Have never worked on a web based programming project
  • Feel that you need more then a Linux box with Firefox and Vi to do your job

If you are passionate about programming and want an opportunity to be recognized for your hard work and knowledge, send us your info today.

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