Creative Internet Marketing Strategy


So, if you haven’t heard… debatably the most important thing to do with your web presence is to get people to link to you! However, so many people are missing out on so much because they fail to do just that. They are often so self promotional that they lack providing helpful or viral information to anyone. I received an email today that included some very uniquely designed bus ads, bags, etc. Let these photos be inspiration to you when developing your businesses online marketing strategy.

creative-marketing-bag-design-1.jpg creative-marketing-bag-design-2.jpg creative-marketing-bag-design-4.jpg creative-marketing-bag-design-3.jpg creative-marketing-bag-design-5.jpg creative-marketing-bag-design-6.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design1.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design2.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design3.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design4.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design5.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design-camera-1.jpg creative-marketing-bus-design-shark-national-geographic.jpg creative-marketing-cup-design.jpg


Prospect and Lead Follow-Up


As you know, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. In the same way, lead generation is only as strong as a company’s sales force. In other words, it’s important that the leads that are generated by your customized lead generation campaigns are followed up just as strongly as any other lead you would receive in your company. Many companies make the mistake of looking at online generated leads as not being as high a priority, when in reality those leads are just as important. The online consumer thinks about making a buying decision much earlier than your typical brick and mortar lead that comes into your building or even the lead that gives you a call.

Understanding the Online Consumer

Prospect and Lead Follow UpThe Internet has done amazing things for business but one of the bad things that it is done is added a bit of confusion. Think about this for a second. Every single piece of data that you could ever need is now available like your fingertips via an Internet connection. What this has enabled consumers and people looking to purchase business-to-business products and services the ability to be able to do all of the research online instead of doing things like calling for a quote. Therefore, these Internet leads are often much earlier in the buying process. So often, business sales people let these leads go to waste by not following up with them on a regular basis. The leads then end up still making a purchasing decision. The problem is, they do it from someone else.

We have literally spent years educating business people on how to follow up with online generated leads. After learning that there are virtually no programs available to simplify the process of follow-up, we decided that we would create one ourselves.

We are proud to present Prospect Maximizer.

Prospect Maximizer is a solution that enables customized follow-up to all of your leads, whether they’re generated online or off-line. Online leads can automatically be entered into prospect maximizer and with a simple selection of a campaign, they can automatically be followed up with via e-mail, phone calls, letters, postcards and more. Off-line leads are just as easy. We have an incredible import feature which will allow you to take leads, from a trade show for example, and upload them directly into the system. Those leads will then be followed up with, just as your online generated leads are.

Our Prospect Maximizer solution is web-based, and therefore can be accessed from virtually any computer anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

To learn more about Prospect Maximizer simply fill out our form, give us a call, or send us a text message using the navigational bar the right.