Link Bait

It’s Lights Out For Google…

Posted March 29, 2008 by Ashley Lichty

I was just a bit confused today when I popped Google up for the first time. See, I have slightly bad luck with computer viruses (they love me) so any weird little thing my laptop does sends me into a ... Read More

Success is Possible Online For Small Businesses

Posted March 13, 2008 by Dave Conklin

I was very impressed this morning while reading an article by Matt McGee about a company called Pink Cake Box, who sells specialty cakes located in New Jersey. The internet marketing success story talks about how the company was able to ... Read More

Talking Customers Into Some Three-Way Link Love

Posted March 11, 2008 by Dave Conklin

I've been trying to talk my customers into some three way link love lately. Crazy!?!?! Yep! Check it out. When you're building links for a new domain name that was recently purchased, which some experts feel isn't worth ... Read More

Free Link Building Chart PDF Download

Posted March 05, 2008 by Dave Conklin

We have just released our free link building chart to the masses. It's pretty cool (at least we think so). Check out the free link building chart by clicking here.

SEO Link Building Flattery Experiment Update 1

Posted by Dave Conklin

There's been an update to the "Are SEO Experts Right About Building Links via Flattery?" post. It's a quick read... Check it out here.! Please comment in original post.

Turning off CAPS LOCK When Using Synergy with PC and MAC

Posted February 27, 2008 by Dave Conklin

My computer setup at home includes my laptop on the left, MAC G5 in the middle and PC on the right. I use a completely killer application called Synergy that allows me to use one keyboard and mouse with all ... Read More